Appointment of Hungary’s Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement

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Reports, analyses and information on the appointment of Hungary's European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, in the European Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen.

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László Trócsányi - a former justice minister in Hungary and elected member of the European Parliament - was formally announced on 9 September 2019 by the President of the European Commission as Hungary's appointment for the College of Commissioners. His portfolio was known on the following day.

His poor record on issues relating to rule of law - in many aspects due to legislation overseen by Mr Trócsányi - was predicted by analysts as subject to thorough grilling by the European Parliament's relevant committees before endorsement. However, on 26 September the Parliament's legal affairs committee announced it would not support his nomination due to concerns relating to his financial statements. Despite criticism, the Hungarian government eventually replaced Mr Trócsányi with Olivér Várhelyi as candidate to the College of Commissioners on 30 September.

On 29 October, Ursula von der Leyen approved Oliver Varhelyi's nomination and his mission letter was issued on 7 November. Mr Várhelyi was subject to a hearing at the European Parliament on 14 November. It was later reported that he had initially put on hold  by the parliamentary committees and was requested to provide written answers to further questions. Media sources reported he was eventually endorsed on 18 November.

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