Armenian parliamentary election, 9 December 2018

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Amenia held a snap parliamentary election on 9 December 2018, the first since the so-called Velvet Revolution earlier in the year. The 'My Step Alliance' was clearly the winner of the poll, collecting 70 out of 132 seats of the Armenian National Assembly.

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Nikol Pashinyan - Armenia's acting Prime Minister, a former journalist and a leading figure of the country's Velvet Revolution - managed to consolidate his authority by leading the 'My Step Alliance' into an overwheming majority and forcing the former ruling Republican Party out of the Parliament. Under Armenian law, no party can hold more than a two-thirds majority, so the number of seats in the chamber were to increase from 105 to 130 as compensation for the result. Some observers showed some concerns at the lack of a strong opposition going forward.

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