Artificial intelligence [What Think Tanks are thinking]

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The recent launches of artificial intelligence (AI) tools capable of generating direct textual answers to questions, notably the chatbot ChatGPT, and the development of general-purpose AI technologies, are expected to revolutionise the application of AI in society and the economy. New AI tools in general offer massive potential for developments in industry, agriculture, health, education and other areas. However, many scientists and politicians are calling for the establishment of a legal and ethical framework to avoid potentially detrimental impacts from the use of such technologies.

The EU’s approach to artificial intelligence centres on excellence and trust, aimed at boosting research and industrial capacity while ensuring safety and fundamental rights. In 2021, the European Commission proposed the AI Act to regulate this area, but that regulation is still being debated. According to European Parliament recommendations from May 2022, AI has huge potential to boost capital and labour productivity, innovation, growth and job creation. However, its development could also pave the way for potential mass surveillance and other detrimental impacts on fundamental rights and values. This note gathers links to the recent publications and commentaries from many international think tanks on artificial Intelligence.

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