Assessment of and lessons learnt during the 7th Legislature of the European Parliament 2009-2014

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Series Details No.308, April 2014
Publication Date 07/04/2014
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Abstract: The European Parliament, one of the biggest democratic assemblies in the world, comprises at present 766 MEPs representing more than 505 million people spread across 28 Member States. Since 1979 the European Parliament has been the only European Union institution to be elected directly by the citizens. It is also the only institution whose powers have continually grown as the treaties have been signed, notably since the Lisbon Treaty. Between 22nd and 25th May 2014 citizens are being called to appoint 751 MEPs who will represent them until 2019.

This European Issue brings data published in the mid-mandate assessment of the 7th legislature of the European Parliament up to date. The power struggles between political groups, a quantitative analysis of parliamentary work and action by national delegations are assessed in the first part before focus turns to major issues which have marked this mandate.

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