Austrian parliamentary election, 29 September 2019

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Reports, analyses and information relating to the snap legislative election held in Austria in September 2019.

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The election was called by the country's President following the collapse of a coalition government earlier in the year. The 183 members of the National Council are elected by open list proportional representation at the level of one federal constituency consisting of all of Austria, 9 state constituencies, and 39 regional constituencies.

The centre-right People's Party (ÖVP) of outgoing Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was unsurprisingly the most voted at the polls (37.1%). The centre-left SPÖ was second (21.7%), which became the party's worst ever result yet for a parliamentary election. This contrasted with the Greens, which were set to return to Parliament after achieving its best result yet (14%). The far-right FPÖ came third (16%) but did not avoid a sharp decrease in its share of votes, scoring around 10 percent less than in the previous election.

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European Council: Letter of congratulations from President Donald Tusk to Sebastian Kurz, 7 October 2019

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