Balkans After Dayton: Old Themes and New Challenges

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Twenty years after the signature of the Dayton Agreements on Bosnia-Herzegovina, the memories of the terrible events concerning the collapse of Yugoslavia are present in the daily life of people and the public opinions, as well as the governments, are partly scared by the future. The Dayton Agreements represented a diplomatic and military chance to interrupt part of the strives, but the permanent efficacy of such a solution is still under question, in a region in which all the neighbor countries are dealing with an intricate number of issues.

Only few days ago, a delegation of the University of Trieste (Italy) participated to an international seminar in Banja Luka (Bosnia-Herzegovina) on Dayton Agreements and the Youth, with the presence of several students coming from the whole Bosnia-Herzegovina and belonging to both the political entities and to all the three ethnic groups. The doubts about the quality of the Dayton Agreements of 1995 seemed evident in many aspects.

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