Belarusian presidential election, August 2020

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Reports, analyses and information concerning to the presidential election taking place in Belarus on 9 August 2020.

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The country's President is elected directly for a term of five years using a two-round system. Incumbent Alexander Lukashenko announced a bid for a sixth term in the office, having won every presidential election since Belarusian independence in the 1990s. Analysts, pollsters and several stakeholders across the international community have long raised concerns on the elections in the country over the years.

The National Assembly set the date for the presidential election in May 2020. The months leading up to the election were marked by instability and the tightening of repression by state authorities. Protests were outlawed and opposition figures arrested. Leading figures such as Viktor Barbariko, Valeri Tsepkalo and Sergei Tikhanovski put forward their names as presidential candidates, but they were all eventually banned or prevented from running bids.

As a result, their wives brought themselves forward to stand in as candidates. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya became the face of the opposition movement in the weeks before the election, supported by Maria Kolesnikova and Veronika Tsepkalo.

The incumbent President claimed victory with over 80% of the votes, as announced by the country's Electoral Commission. However, many across the international community raised doubts over the accuracy of the numbers considering the numerous reports of fraud and the way this poll was conducted. Ms Tikhanovskaya also rejected the results. Thousands of people took to the streets across the country to protest against the outcome of the election. There were several reports of police brutality and attempts to shut down the country's telecommunications and internet access.

On 11 August, media outlets reported that Ms Tikhanovskaya was forced to leave the country following threats against her freedom and the safety of her family. The European Union issued a statement on the same day arguing the elections were "neither free nor fair". A meeting of the European Union's Foreign Affairs Council was held on 14 August to discuss the matter. Ministers called authorities to stop the violence against peaceful protests and to release those detained, reiterated that the EU did not accept the results of the election as presented by the Central Election Commission. The Council also agreed on the need to introduce sanctions against those responsible for violence, repression and the falsification of election results. On 19 August, the European Council also held a discussion on the situation in Belarus via video conference and endorsed the conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council.

The mass protests across the country calling for political change, end of repression and fresh elections continued over the following weeks, despite detentions and use of force by security forces. For more on the 2020 protests in Belarus, check this follow-up ESO compilation.

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