Benchmarking Working Europe 2016

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Publication Date 2016
ISBN 978-2-87452-399-1
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Published every year, the report analyses the state of working Europe explaining with the aid of statistics and graphs the main trends in terms of Europe’s macro-economic situation, its labour market development, the situation of wages and collective bargaining, and worker participation.

With this year’s chosen focus – ‘prepared for the future?’ – the new edition of Benchmarking working Europe analyses the state of working Europe with the aid of a multi-level and multi-dimensional set of indicators.

This 2016 edition is intended as one contribution to an assessment of what the EU current policies have achieved, or above all what they have not achieved, and hence as an evaluation of the extent to which the European Union is prepared for the future.

All four chapters of this report conclude on a negative note, and each puts forward suggestions for some appropriate policy changes:

+ Chapter 1: Only a hesitant recovery with risks for the future
+ Chapter 2: Labour market and social developments
+ Chapter 3: Wages and collective bargaining : light at the end of the tunnel?
+ Chapter 4: A social Europe needs workers' participation

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