Better Implementation of EU Legislation is not just a question of taking Member States to Court. SOLVIT – Street-level EU law enforcement through an effective free-of- harge out-of-court dispute settlement mechanism for a better functioning of the Single Market

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The single market is one of the most wide-ranging and significant symbols of European integration. While it brings great opportunities to European citizens in theory, in practice, delayed and incorrect implementation of single market rules leave EU citizens with a highly fragmented ‘regulatory patchwork’, deterring citizens and businesses from exercising their rights. One way to solve such a problem is to turn to formal proceedings such as to the European Commission and its role as ‘Guardian of the Treaties’ and Treaty articles 258-260 TFEU, i.e. the infringement procedure or to a national court.

An alternative way to guarantee street-level EU law enforcement is through SOLVIT; an out-of-court dispute settlement mechanism providing quicker solutions to problems of crossborder nature.

This article provides a timely analysis of the reinforced infringement procedure and SOLVIT centres, how the system works and how we will be able to strengthen its strategic role to address the citizens ‘integration fatigue’.

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