Big kick-off for Europe Day

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Series Details Vol 7, No.19, 10.5.01, p8
Publication Date 10/05/2001
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Date: 10/05/01

THE European Commission representation in Scotland marked Europe Day yesterday (9 May) with a major exhibition in Edinburgh on enlargement. Ambassadors from eight of the 13 candidate countries attended the event, described by representation head Elizabeth Holt as an opportunity to demonstrate that a bigger EU will be "an investment in peace, democracy, regional stability and prosperity".

Two Slovakian footballers, Celtic's Lubomir Moravcik and Hearts midfielder Robert Tomaschek, helped kick off the celebrations.

The major EU institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg marked the occasion by holding open days for the public.

Europe Day is the anniversary of Robert Schumann's 1950 declaration, when the French foreign minister proposed a European coal and steel market - the foundation of today's EU.

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