Blackstone’s EC legislation 2001-2002, 12th ed.

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 1-84174-216-3
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'EC legislation' is part of the Blackstone Statute Books series, which have been designed specifically to provide students with a collection of statutes for use throughout their course. The material in this 12th edition has been revised to include the Treaty of Nice, and all of the protocols and declarations agreed at the same time in Nice. However, since the Treaty of Nice had yet to be ratified at the time of writing, any consequent amendments to the existing treaties have been postponed to the 13th edition. Other new additions include the new regulation on budgetary discipline, the decisions on own resources and delegated powers and the rules of procedure are also presented in full text rather than extract form.

The book provides a compilation of up-to-date Community primary and secondary legislation to serve as a reference volume for students of Community law. The material is not annotated, and as such can be used by students who are permitted to take materials into examinations. The first part of the collection contains the texts of the Treaty Establishing the European Community (consolidated version established by the Treaty of Amsterdam); the Treaty on European Union (also the consolidated version); the Texts of Protocols from the EC and EU treaties; extracts from the Treaty Establishing the European Coal and Steel Community and various additional legislation and agreements affecting the institutions, such as the Social Charter and Protocol on the Statute of the Court of Justice. The second part of the book includes secondary Community legislation taken from a number of areas of substantive law, including free movement of goods, free movement of persons, undertakings, social security, social policy, and competition. Finally, the texts of two pieces of UK legislation are covered: the European Communities Act 1972 and the European Communities (Amendment) Act of 1993. The inclusion of legislation has been necessarily selective, and the editor has concentrated on those areas most commonly covered in Community law courses.

Nigel Foster is senior lecturer in law at Cardiff Law School and has lectured in EC Law for many years.

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