Bonn Climate Change Conference – November 2017

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Approximately 20,000 participants from across the world attended the conference. While it was held in Germany for practical reasons, Fiji was hosting the summit - the nation was one of the small islands that were most at risk from the sea-level rise and extreme storms facilitated by climate change.

The COP23 aimed to monitor the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement agreed in 2015 and encourage the acceleration of a development model based on sustainability, resilience and climate safety. The conference was held amid uncertainty over the future of US endorsement to the Paris Agreement.

The European Union set out its position ahead of the COP23, both generally and specifically regarding climate finance:

+ Council conclusions on the Paris Agreement and preparations for the UNFCCC meetings in November 2017
+ Conclusions setting out EU position on climate finance ahead of COP23

The Conference produced a set of outcomes which were seen as steps forward in ensuring the implementation of the Paris Agreement. These included:

+ EU's decision to ratify the Doha amendment which requires parties to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2020;
+ Design of the Talanoa Dialogue, which aims to showcase progress and share best practice in tackling climate change;
+ Agreement on a decision regarding pre-2020 implementation and ambition;
+ Decision text on Loss and Damage;
+ Agreement on Gender Action Plan;
+ Agreement on the functioning of the local communities and indigenous peoples' platformm, set up at the COP21.The 23rd conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP23) takes places in Bonn from 6 to 17 November 2017.

The conference made progress on implementing the Paris Agreement, and agreed on a work plan for 2018. It also gave a strong signal that countries remained committed to the UN climate process, despite the United States' intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

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