Border Control and Border Myths

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Clandestine border activities such as smuggling, human trafficking, illegal immigration and transnational activities of criminal networks require a response by the state. Often, border control is the immediate solution that comes to mind. As a physical separation between states, the border seems an obvious place to control and manage the transnational flows of goods and persons. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of border control is vastly overestimated. As the Danish Ministry of Justice concluded as late as March this year, more border control is unlikely to contribute much to the fight against transnational crime. But if professionals agree that border control is largely ineffective, why does it nonetheless stay on the political agenda?In the midst of a heated debate about the legal and diplomatic consequences of Denmark's decision to reintroduce border control, it is easy to forget that these consequences could have been prevented all together, if Denmark had not based its decision on a simplified understanding of the border.

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