Brexit and Police and Judicial Co-operation: Too Little, Too, Late?

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Publication Date 09/11/2020
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Nothing precludes the EU and UK agreeing on police and judicial co-operation, even if they fail to seal a trade deal. But there would be difficult legal obstacles to overcome, to enable the two sides to work together on extradition and information exchange. If Johnson walks away from negotiations on trade, the resulting acrimony may make the EU less willing to put extra effort into reaching an agreement on security co-operation. Even if the two sides can agree, however, the new deal will never be as good as the one they had when Britain was part of the club.

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Lords Select Committee on the European Union: 7th Report, 2016: Brexit: future UK-EU security and police cooperation
EPRS: Study, July 2018: The EU-UK relationship beyond Brexit: options for Police Cooperation and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters

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