Brexit and public opinion

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Publication Date January 2018
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It is hard to exaggerate the importance of public opinion when it came to Brexit. The decision to leave the EU was itself, of course, the result of a public vote. And as the subsequent Brexit process rolled on, both sides anxiously examined every survey for evidence of what the public now thought. Some people continud to believe that a significant shift in public opinion might allow the decision made in June 2016 to be reconsidered.

In this report, a team of experts on public opinion considered not only what happened in the referendum itself, but also what had taken place in terms of public attitudes subsequently.


Analysing the Referendum
+ Brexit and British politics
+ Minority ethnic attitudes and the 2016 EU referendum
+ Religion in the EU referendum

New Cleavages and Emerging Identities
+ Voting in the 2017 general election: a Brexit election?
+ Emerging Brexit identities
+ Brexit and identity politics
+ The perceived costs and benefits of Brexit

The Brexit Negotiations
+ Party members
+ MPs
+ The Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit
+ Should policies be decided at the European, national or sub-national level?
+ Sovereignty and cooperation: different dimensions of Brexit
+ Immigration

Nations and Regions
+ Towns and Cities
+ Scotland
+ Wales
+ Northern Ireland

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