[Brexit and the Conservative Party]: Continuing divisions within the Conservative Party and Government over Brexit terms, November 2018

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As attempts continued throughout October and November 2018 to secure a Brexit deal between the EU and the United Kingdom, tensions continued to surface within the governing Conservative Party as to the nature of the agreement being negotiated.

On the 9 November 2018 Jo Johnson, Transport Minister resigned from the government saying 'William Hague once described the goal of Conservative policy as being ‘in Europe, but not run by Europe’. The government’s proposals will see us out of Europe, yet run by Europe, bound by rules which we will have lost a hand in shaping'.

He went on to say 'I reject this false choice between the PM’s deal and 'no deal' chaos ... On this most crucial of questions, I believe it is entirely right to go back to the people and ask them to confirm their decision to leave the EU' (ie. have a second referendum).

'The choice being presented to the British people is no choice at all'. He called it a choice between 'vassalage and chaos'.

Mr Johnson, had been a Remain supporter in the 2016 EU referendum campaign, in contrast to his brother Boris Johnson who had been a Leave supporter.

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