Brexit Beckons: Thinking ahead by leading economists

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Publication Date August 2016
ISBN 978-0-9954701-0-1
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The June 2016 Brexit referendum saw British voters reject membership of the European Union. Now that a decision has been made, it is time to look forward and find the best solutions for the future of both the UK and the EU. This VoxEU eBook regroups the views of more than a dozen leading economists and specialists on a broad range of issues, from various perspectives.

Introduction - Richard E. Baldwin

Brexit: The vote and the voters
1 Brexit and globalisation - Diane Coyle
2 Brexit realism: What economists know about costs and voter motives - David Miles
3 Lousy experts: Looking back at the ex ante estimates of the costs of Brexit - Nauro F. Campos
4 This backlash has been a long time coming - Kevin H. O’Rourke

Trade policy and the City
5 The UK’s new trade priorities - Angus Armstrong
6 UK-EU relations after Brexit: What is best for the UK economy? - Swati Dhingra and Thomas Sampson
7 The Ten Commandments of an independent UK trade policy - Simon J. Evenett
8 Negotiating Britain’s new trade policy - Jim Rollo and L Alan Winters
9 Brexit: Lessons from history - Nicholas Crafts
10 Brexit – what happens to banking? - Patricia Jackson
11 The implications of Brexit for the City - Michael McMahon

Labour issues
12 Immigration – the way forward - Jonathan Portes
13 Brexit and wage inequality - Brian Bell and Stephen Machin
14 Brexit and labour markets - Barbara Petrongolo

Scotland and Northern Ireland
15 Brexit – a view from north of the border - Ian Wooton
16 Ireland and Brexit - John FitzGerald and Patrick Honohan

Issues for the EU
17 A month after the Brexit vote: More turmoil to come - Thorsten Beck
18 The EU must adapt to survive - Charles Wyplosz
19 How to prevent Brexit from damaging the EU - Paul De Grauwe

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