Brexit: deal or no deal

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The EU Select Committee of the United Kingdom House of Lords published a report Brexit: deal or no deal in December 2017. The Report outlined the potential impact on the UK of leaving the EU without a deal, and examined the feasibility of a transition period immediately post-Brexit.

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The report stated that 'no deal' would not only be economically damaging, but would bring an abrupt end to cooperation between the UK and EU on issues such as counter terrorism, police and security and nuclear safeguards. It would also necessitate the imposition of controls at the Irish land border.

The Committee agreed with the Government that concluding all aspects of the negotiations before March 2019 would be the best outcome, but noted that the overwhelming weight of evidence suggested that this would be impossible. The Committee concluded that enshrining the Article 50 deadline of 29 March 2019 in domestic law would 'not be in the national interest'.

The Committee questioned whether a legally binding transition deal can be reached in time to prevent damage to the UK economy. The Committee noted that negotiations on the future relationship could last several years, and that a 'standstill' transition period may therefore be needed to buy time for negotiations to continue beyond March 2019.

The Committee noted that the only secure legal basis for transition may be to use one of the two options available under Article 50, either to extend UK membership of the EU for a time limited period, or to set a date later than March 2019 for withdrawal to take effect.

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