[Brexit Negotiations]: Fifth round of negotiations with European Commission, Brussels, 9-12 October 2017

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Brexit Negotiations

+ 29 March 2017: The UK triggered Article 50, the process for the start of the negotiations for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

+ 19 June 2017: 1st Round

+ 17-20 July 2017: 2nd Round

+ 28-31 August 2017: 3rd Round

+ 25-28 September 2017: 4th Round

+ 9-12 October 2017: 5th Round

+ 19-20 October 2017: European Council

+ 9-10 November 2017: 6th Round

The 5th Round of negotiations would be the last round before the important European Council, Brussels, 19-20 October 2017 at which the European Commission and EU 27 would decide whether 'sufficient progress' had been made in the first phase of the negotiations to permit a move to a second phase, which would include discussion of topics such as free trade, customs, justice and home affairs issues, and transition arrangements.

In an attempt to move the negotiations on United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May had given a high profile speech in Florence on the 22 September 2017 in which she attempted to set out how the UK would be the strongest friend and partner to the EU after the country left the EU.

European Council President Donald Tusk had met United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May in Downing Street, London on the 26 September 2017 for a meeting to discuss the state of the negotiations for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

After the meeting President Tusk said 'Today I would say there is no 'sufficient progress' yet'. However, he was cautiously optimistic about the constructive and more realistic tone of Prime Minister May in her speech in Florence on the 22 September 2017.

At the end of the fourth round of negotiations on the 28 September 2017 David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, said 'thanks to the constructive and determined manner with which both sides have conducted these negotiations we are making decisive steps forward'.

In his comments Michel Barnier, lead negotiator for the EU, highlighted that while it was agreed that the UK would apply EU law concepts in a manner that was consistent with EU law after Brexit, the two sides failed to agree that the European Court of Justice must play an indispensable role in ensuring this consistency.

He concluded his remarks by saying 'We've had a constructive week – yes – but we are not yet there in terms of achieving sufficient progress'.

The European Parliament voted on a non-binding consultative resolution at its Plenary 1 session on the 3 October 2017 prior to the 19-20 October European Council (EU 27) meeting.

In the resolution MEPs said that sufficient progress on the EU’s priority aims, a prerequisite for negotiating any transition period or future relationship between the EU and UK, had not been achieved.

The government leaders of the EU 27 member states should postpone their assessment of Brexit on the 20 October 2017 as 'sufficient progress' had not been made on the three key aims unless the fifth round of talks on the UK’s withdrawal (9-12 October 2017) from the EU delivered a major breakthrough.

MEPs voted by 557 to 92 (with 29 abstentions) in favour of the resolution drawn up by the five major political groups in the European Parliament.

During the debate before the vote in the European Parliament Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European, had also indicated that there had not yet been 'sufficient progress' in the negotiations between the UK and the EU negotiators.The fifth round of negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Commission took place in Brussels between the 9 and 12 October 2017. They were led by David Davis, head of the Department for Exiting the European Union, and Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator for the European Commission's Taskforce on Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom.

There were three negotiating groups covering:

+ citizens’ rights
+ financial settlement
+ other separation issues (such such as Euratom, EU external agreements and dispute resolution).

The issues related to Northern Ireland and the governance of the withdrawal agreement were addressed by the Coordinators.

At a press conference following the fifth round of negotiations on the 12 October 2017 Michel Barnier said: 'We worked constructively this week. We clarified certain points. But without making any great steps forward ...

On this basis, and as things stand at present, I am not able to recommend to the European Council next week to open discussions on the future relationship.

I will say before you again that trust is needed between us if this future relationship is to be solid, ambitious and long-lasting. This trust will come with clarity and the respect of all commitments made together ...

In these complex and difficult negotiations, we have shared objectives, we have shared obligations, we have shared duties, and we will only succeed with shared solutions. That is our responsibility'.

He also said there was 'new momentum' in the process but there was still 'deadlock' over how much the UK would pay when it left, which he called 'disturbing'.

UK lead negotiator David Davis said 'we are making real and tangible progress'.

As we look to the October European Council next week, I hope the Member States will recognise the progress we have made, and take a step forward in the spirit of the Prime Minister’s Florence speech.

Doing so will allow us to best achieve our joint objectives by turning the ideas we have explored into concrete shared proposals.

That’s the way that we’ll move towards a deal that works for both the United Kingdom and the European Union'.

In advance of the European Council on the 19-20 October 2017 UK Prime Minister Theresa May visited Brussels on the 16 October 2017 for a working dinner with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in an attempt to advance the stalled negotiations.

Source Link https://www.gov.uk/government/news/programme-for-fifth-round-of-uk-eu-article-50-negotiations
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