[Brexit negotiations]: UK Prime Minister and Ministers make bilateral visits to EU Member States, July-August 2018

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As part of the attempt by the United Kingdom (UK) to negotiate an agreement to leave the European Union (EU) the UK Prime Minister Theresa May and a number of her senior ministers toured a range of other EU Member States in July and August 2018 to have bilateral meetings with their equivalents.

These meetings included:

Theresa May
+ Prime Minister Juri Ratas of Estonia: 27 July 2018
+ Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria: 27 July 2018
+ Prime Minister Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic: 27 July 2018

Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary
+ Visit to Berlin for talks with the German Minister for Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, 23 July 2018
+ Visit to Finland, Latvia, Denmark and the Netherlands, to meet their respective Foreign Ministers, 14-16 August 2018
+ Speech in Washington, 21 August 2018

David Lidington, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
+ Paris, August 2018

Sajid Javid, Home Secretary
+ Madrid, July 2018

Greg Clarke, Business Scretary
+ Paris, 24 July 2018
+ Lisbon, 25 July 2018
+ Rome, 26 July 2018
+ Vienna, 14 August 2018
+ Helsinki, 15 August 2018

Background information

To see a full timeline of the Brexit negotiations click here.

By July 2018 the main formal negotiations were the EU-UK Article 50 negotiations between UK (led by the new Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Dominic Raab) and EU (led by Michel Barnier) officials. During the bilateral meetings organised by the UK in other European capitals, the latest EU-UK Article 50 negotiations took place in Brussels 24-26 July 2018. Mr Barnier suggested that the other EU member States (EU27) were united behind him in a coordinated way and that the UK would not be able to 'divide and rule'.

Mr Barnier also authored an op-ed article published in twenty European newspapers on the 2 August An ambitious partnership with the UK after Brexit in which he said:

Let's be frank: as the UK has decided to leave the Single Market, it can no longer be as close economically to the rest of the EU. The UK wants to leave our common regulatory area, where people, goods, services and capital move freely across national borders. These are the economic foundations on which the EU was built. ...

The UK knows well the benefits of the Single Market. It has contributed to shaping our rules over the last 45 years. And yet, some UK proposals would undermine our Single Market which is one of the EU's biggest achievements. The UK wants to keep free movement of goods between us, but not of people and services. And it proposes to apply EU customs rules without being part of the EU's legal order. Thus, the UK wants to take back sovereignty and control of its own laws, which we respect, but it cannot ask the EU to lose control of its borders and laws'.

In a further article published on the 2 September 2018 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Mr Barnier further expressed his opposition to key elements of the proposals contained within the White Paper.

Earlier in 2018 the UK had issued some key negotiating documents:

+ White Paper: The future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, July 2018
+ Policy Paper: Framework for the UK-EU partnership: Civil judicial cooperation, June 2018
+ Policy Paper: Framework for the UK-EU Security Partnership, May 2018.

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