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In the referendum on 23 June 2016, a majority of the United Kingdom electorate voted to leave the European Union.

UK withdrawal from the EU – usually described as ‘Brexit’ – has been the subject of a great deal of comment in books, journal articles, press reports and blogs.

This paper provides links to a selection of analysis and comment on general ‘Brexit’ coverage under the following headings:

+ Reports
+ Parliamentary material
+ Journal articles
+ Brexit hubs and blogs
+ Other
+ Internet links

This briefing is updated periodically. The source url hyperlinks takes you to the latest version.

Further information

The House of Commons Library has produced further bibliographical guides relating to Brexit, which are periodically updated:

+ Brexit: a reading list of post-EU Referendum publications by Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies
+ Brexit reading list: legal and constitutional issues
+ Reading list on UK-EU relations 2013-16: reform, renegotiation, withdrawal
+ Brexit debates
+ Brexit reading list: economic, business and transport policy issues
+ Brexit reading list: defence and security

Much further information can also be found through ESO and, in particular, through an ESO Information Guide: Brexit - The United Kingdom and the European Union.

In addition, the European Parliament's European Parliamentary Research Service has issued a series of guides listing the reports of European think tanks on Brexit - the latest compilation (May 2018) hyperlink also offers links through the earlier titles in the series.

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