Brexit: Six months on

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Publication Date December 2016
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The six months since the United Kingdom voted in June 2016 to leave the European Union have been the most tumultuous in British politics since WW2, according to a new report: Brexit: Six months on from The UK in a Changing Europe initiative, in collaboration with the Political Studies Association, and published in December 2016.

The report looks at the key political, economic, legal, social and security changes that have occurred since 23 June 2016 as well as at how other EU countries view Brexit.

The chapters are:

1. Six months on: where are we now? - Anand Menon
2. Public opinion - John Curtice
3. The politics of Brexit - Anand Menon
4. Electoral dynamics - Matthew Goodwin
5. UK government - Simon Usherwood
6. The rest of the EU - Sara Hagemann
7. The law - Catherine Barnard
8. The nations and regions - Jo Hunt and Michael Keating
9. Foreign, security and defence policy - Richard G Whitman
10. Immigration and free movement - Jonathan Portes
11. The EU budget and public finances - Iain Begg
12. The economy - Iain Begg and Jonathan Portes
13. The UK-EU trade relationship - Angus Armstrong

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