Bridging the prosperity gap in the EU. The social challenge ahead

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Publication Date 2018
ISBN 978-1-78643-666-5
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This book addresses the great social challenge currently facing the European Union. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the authors invaluably pinpoint both overarching problems and possibilities associated with the social dimension of European integration.

Prominent researchers of economics, law and political science tackle this complex issue, providing new solutions within their respective fields of expertise. The chapters cover crucial policy challenges and analyse fundamental mechanisms that limit, or otherwise affect, the evolution of a European social dimension. These insights clarify the far-reaching measures that will be needed to gradually restore the balance between market integration and social protection across the European Union.

Illustrating the importance of cohesion, this book is vital for those interested in comparative European studies, from backgrounds in public and social policy, law and economics.

Table of contents:

1. Analysing the prosperity gap: the economic, legal, and political challenges facing the EU - Ulf Bernitz, Moa Mårtensson, Lars Oxelheim and Thomas Persson

2. Social rights and EU citizenship - Anna-Sara Lind

3. Repercussions of right-wing populism for European integration - Ann-Cathrine Jungar

4. The prosperity gap and the free movement of workers - Joakim Ruist

5. The political challenge of austerity politics - Pär Nyman

6. The social dialogue in Europe 1985-2014: has it been played out? - Lars Magnusson and Sofia Murhem

7. Youth, labour law, and European economic crisis - Jenny Julén Votinius

8. The future of national systems of social security in the EU - Jaan Paju

9. The role of trust in explaining health and wealth gaps in the EU - Martin Ljunge

10. Regions of trust and distrust: how good institutions can foster social cohesion - Nicholas Charron and Bo Rothstein

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