Brussels bureaucrats? The administration of the European Union

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0-333-60489-X (Hbk)
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Administration is central to the European Union's (EU) ability to function. This book examines the role of administrators in the European Union with the main focus on the Commission but also looking at other EU organisations. Bureaucracy has a negative connotation but the book looks beyond this image to provide insight and analysis into exactly how the administrative functions of the EU operate.

The book looks at the development of a European administration from the perspective of national and international traditions and at the staff and financial regulations providing the administrative framework. Personnel policy such as recruitment and promotions are examined in comparison to other Western bureaucracies. The tasks of EU administration are covered followed by hierarchical structures and operational procedures. Finally, the relationships between different organisations and also between administration and policy making are covered. Analysis is provided of all aspects, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of EU administration and its role in wider European integration.

The book will be useful to students and those who are likely to come into contact with EU administration.

Anne Stevens is Professor of European Studies at Aston University. Handley Stevens is a Research Associate at the London School of Economics and Political Science

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