Building a constituency for rule of law: Lessons from the Romanian anti-corruption drive

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Publication Date February 2022
ISSN 2305-2635
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Romania’s experience is that of the most intensive push for rule of law and anti-corruption among new European Union (EU) members, given that the country joined in 2007 before it had met EU conditionality. The outcome has been a mixed bag of spectacular short-term successes and long-term frustration. While not transferable as such to its neighbours, Romania’s experience is perhaps especially indicative of both ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’ go about building rule of law. The benefit of hindsight helps, as does awareness of current challenges to democracy across Central and Eastern Europe.

This policy brief looks at some of the important principles of action that can be extracted which have universal applicability, and point at lessons that can be taken for the Western Balkans and the EU based on the Romanian experience.

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