Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia sign bilateral ‘Treaty on friendship, good neighbourliness and cooperation’

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Publication Date 01/08/2017
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This bilateral agreement was first proposed by Bulgaria in 2013 and brings to an end any claims on territorial rights between the two countries. It includes a pledge to improve economic relations and the creation of a working group to work on closer cooperation. A research team was agreed to be set up to examine the content of school textbooks and another group tp work on the opening of a train line between the capital cities.

Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia had long showed disagreement over a number of cultural and political issues, including the former's unwillingness to recognise the status of the Macedonian language and minority rights. The agreement was unanimously supported at the Bulgarian parliament but met some resistance from opposition in FYR Macedonia.

Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia signed on 1 August 2017 a bilateral treaty 'on friendship, good neighbourliness and cooperation', aimed at improving the relations between the two neighbouring countries.

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