Call for snap election in Spain following rejection of draft annual budget

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Reports and analyses of the political situation in Spain following the parliamentary rejection of the annual budget proposal and the later announcement of early legislative elections in the country.

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Spain's minority government - led by the Socialist party (PSOE) - was unable to guarantee the endorsement of its draft annual budget in Parliament on 13 February 2019. This was  to due to the refusal of Catalonia's pro-independence parties to support the bill following the government's rejection to talks regarding the region's autonomy. Despite their wide policy differences, those regional parties voted together with national right-wing parties to reject the proposed budget bill. The government's budget was rejected by 191 members out of the 350-seat Parliament.

The Prime Minister's decision to call for snap parliamentary elections was widely expected following that rejection. It was announced on 15 February that an early election would take place on 26 April. This PSOE-led cabinet was set to become the shortest in Spain's modern democratic history yet, after staying in office for only eight months.

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