Can the European Political Community Survive?

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Publication Date October 2023
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The third European Political Community (EPC) summit, held in the Spanish city of Granada on October 5th 2023, was supposed to consolidate the initiative. Leaders focused on digitisation, energy and climate, the war in Ukraine and multilateralism. However, the summit was widely labelled a disappointment. However, the Granada summit was unlikely to be the beginning of the end for the EPC. But the EPC’s long-term future remained unclear. Russia’s war on Ukraine and EU enlargement loomed large over the EPC, and its evolution depended on both. So long as the war continued, and as long as enlargement was in progress, there was a good chance the EPC would continue to be valuable to foster pan-European strategic discussions. But once the war ended, European leaders might consider the EPC redundant and wind it down, especially if the EU had succeeded in enlarging.

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