Can you beat the Swedes’ Euro XI dream team?

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Series Details 05/04/01, Volume 7, Number 14
Publication Date 05/04/2001
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Date: 05/04/01

The Swedish presidency website scored with a neat April Fool inspired by photographs of German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder demonstrating his soccer skills at the Stockholm summit.

The Swedes said they were proposing the ultimate in Union harmonisation: a European super side to take on the Brazilians. And it looks pretty useful, too:

Goalkeeper: Olivier Kahn (Bayern München/Germany).

Defenders: Lilian Thuram (Parma/France); Alessandro Nesta (Lazio/Italy); Sol Campbell (Spurs/England); Jaap Staam (Manchester Utd/The Netherlands).

Midfield: David Beckham (Manchester Utd/ England); Luis Figo (Real Madrid/Portugal); Zinedine Zidane (Juventus/France); Ryan Giggs (Manchester Utd/Wales).

Forwards: Raúl Ganzález Blanco Real Madrid/Spain), Henrik Larsson, Celtic/Sweden).

The Swedes are asking for other dream team suggestions to be posted at:

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