Catalonia drafts secret secession bill: report

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Features covering developments in May 2017 as regards the issue of the status of the Spanish region (Autonomous Community) of Catalonia.

The Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, and other Catalan government leaders organised a conference in Madrid for the 22 May 2017 in order explain the final proposal for negotiating an independence referendum with the Spanish Government. Under the title 'A referendum for Catalonia: an invitation to a democratic agreement' put the case to the Spanish government for an 'accorded democratic vote'. The Catalans hoped for the referendum to take place in September or October 2017.

The conference also highlighted the 500,000 signatures for the National Pact for the Referendum, which called for an agreed referendum.

On the day of the conference El País and Politico wrote of a secret draft bill of the Catalan government ('Generalitat'), proposing a plan to declare Catalonia independent if the Spanish authorities denied the possibility of a referendum

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