Catalonia’s National Day: Everything ready for another historic day

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Catalans were called to hit the streets again on the 11 September 2016 to celebrate Catalonia’s National Day and reclaim Catalonia’s independence, as had happened since 2012, when millions of people demonstrated in Barcelona.

According to the two main civil organisations behind these mobilisations, the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Òmnium Cultural, nearly 350,000 people registered to take part in some of the events, which in 2016 were held in five different cities in Catalonia: Barcelona, Salt, Berga, Lleida and Tarragona.

In contrast to the last four years, the current Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, attended the mobilisation. The Parliament’s President, Carme Forcadell and Barcelona’s Mayor, Ada Colau, took part in the demonstration.

Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, confirmed on the 11 September 2016 before the international press his intention to call for a binding referendum in Catalonia. He committed to do so on the 28 September 2016, coinciding with the vote of confidence he would submit himself to in the Catalan Parliament.

He said that he would call for elections in July 2017, which would be followed by an independence referendum if he was given the mandate to govern.

On 9 October 2016, members of the Catalonian parliament backed the proposal to hold a referendum in September 2017.

On the 11 October 2016 Catalan Government and Parliament officials received the (Spanish) Constitutional Court (TC) papers relating to its suspension of the Catalan pro-independence roadmap.

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