Central and Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa: The Potential of Investment Partnerships for Mutual Benefit

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Publication Date 31/10/2019
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There are growing economic links between the economies of Central and Eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa in terms of both trade and investment. However, while trade has picked up significantly from pre-EU accession levels, investment has not increased to the same extent.

This paper is part of a series of publications produced by the Chatham House Africa Programme on the topic of re-engagement between Central and Eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, with particular reference to the utility of transition experiences to capacity-building, inclusive growth and good governance. The current paper draws on roundtable discussions and semi-structured interviews, with businesses, chambers of commerce (CCs), business associations, senior policymakers in Central and Eastern European and sub-Saharan African governments, and senior EU civil servants, as well as a number of ambassadors and embassy staff.

Source Link https://www.chathamhouse.org/publication/central-and-eastern-europe-and-sub-saharan-africa-potential-investment-partnerships
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