Central and South-Eastern Europe

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Publication Date 2000
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This first edition of 'Central and South-Eastern Europe' provides an invaluable, up-to-date perspective on the political, economic and social affairs of this region. This heavyweight reference volume is split into four parts. In part one, Introductory essays, acknowledged experts look at issues of regional significance. Their subjects include ethnic minorities, post-Dayton Yugoslavia; the economic situation in Central and South-Eastern Europe; the development of trade and economic and political links within the Baltic Sea region; social policy; religion in the region; and the Macedonian Question.

Part two 'Regional Information' looks at regional organisations and gives details of membership, structure and activities of the principal organisations operating in the region. It further covers research institutes and periodicals specialising in Central and South-Eastern European issues.

The largest section of the book is part three, 'Country Surveys', which comprises individual chapters on each of the countries of the region giving details of physical and social geography; an historical chronology; essays on political and economic affairs; a statistical survey covering the latest available demographic and economic figures; and a directory of useful names, addresses and further information on the Constitution, national and local government, political organisations, diplomatic representation, religion, the press, radio and television, trade and industry, finance, transport, tourism, the environment, culture, education and defence. A select bibliography is also included.

A final part, 'Political profiles of the region', features biographical details of leading figures in the region.

Countries covered in this edition are: Albania; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Greece; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; Poland; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Yugoslavia.

This is an impressive reference work providing an impartial and invaluable guide to the politics, economy and history of the region.

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