Changes to Europa URLs, May 2006

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Changes to Europa URLs

Following the introduction of the new .eu domain name, the URLs on the Europa server will shortly be changing. Europe Day on the 9th May is the date chosen for the switch though in practice it will take some time to amend all levels of web pages and automatic diversion will be in place for a limited period. Database hosts and web page authors beware however as there will clearly be a major amount of work involved to update URLs. Also in the last major restructuring of the Europa server in 2000, some EU webmasters inadvertently lost – or perhaps even intentionally no longer maintained - links to documents and pages of valuable material which should at least have been archived. Watch out for similar outcomes this time round too and save key documents that are vital to you.

The structure of the new addresses follows the pattern of {} for the EUR-Lex portal, {} for the TED database, {} for the EU Bookshop and {} for the Publications Office. It is not simply a case of dropping off the .int at the end of the current URL. CORDIS recently changed its address from {} to {} to bring it into line with other official EU URLs. This means double effort as from 9th May it will change again to {}. The IDEA database address expands to {}. There are therefore no simple blanket revisions that can be made to ease the pain of the changeover.

The change of domain name has also held up work in progress as no new sites have been launched over the last month and new addresses have to have formal approval. One of the resources affected has been the new catalogue of the Commission Libraries. Aleph has replaced the ECLAS system and is being used internally, but it cannot go public until after 9th May. Meantime a note on the ECLAS site points out that it has not been updated since December as it was not feasible to update both systems.

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