Chatham House Expert Perspectives 2018: Risks and Opportunities in International Affairs

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Series Details June 2018
Publication Date June 2018
ISBN 978-178413-285-9
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In the first of a new annual series, Chatham House experts examined how aspects of the established order in global affairs were shifting.

The rules, norms and institutions that had governed state-to-state relations and international policymaking for decades were being challenged by phenomena that included diminished US leadership, a more assertive China, political populism and technological change. Yet the ‘destination’ remained opaque, as emerging contests for geopolitical advantage – and to shape the future global order – were still being played out.

The articles commissioned for this volume, the first of a new annual series, were written by Chatham House experts and reflected their perspectives on selected aspects of this transition. Covering geopolitics and security, politics and society, governance, the global economy, and issues around resources and the environment, the articles highlighted developments and trends that were coalescing into definable shape as risks or opportunities.

Geopolitics and security
+ America
+ Nuclear weapons
+ North Korea
+ Iran
+ Transatlantic relations
+ China
+ Russia
+ Russia-NATO relations
+ United Kingdom
+ Middle East and North Africa

Politics and Society
+ America

+ International law
+ Refugee protection

Global economy
+ Financial regulation

Resources and climate
+ Protectionism and sustainability
+ Electricity
+ Oil and gas

Geopolitics and security
+ Cybersecurity
+ Resilience to biological threats

Politics and Society
+ Civil society innovation
+ Activism in the US
+ Uzbekistan

+ China and human rights
+ Disaster warning in South Asia
+ Health emergencies

Global economy
+ Tax policy harmonisation
+ Latin America
+ Infrastructure
+ Africa

Resources and climate
+ Food security
+ Land use and climate change

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