Chechen Scholars on Chechnya

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Publication Date 18/02/2015
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The purpose of this publication is, as the title indicates, to give Che- chen scholars the opportunity to present to the English-speaking world their version of what has happened to Chechnya. Over the years, a great many books and articles dealing with this tiny republic in the Russian Federation have been published in Western academia, but we seldom hear from Chechen scholars. It is high time for them to take part in the discussion.

It might be easier to achieve a more ‘objective’ analysis of a conflict from the outside: however, those caught up in a conflict have not only the right to give their version, they also have a particular credibility when doing so. The scholars presented here have tried to remain in place at the Chechen State University in Grozny through these past twenty years of upheaval and war. Surely they have been as close to the object of study as it is possible to come.

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