China’s Digital Power: Assessing the Implications for the EU

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Publication Date January 2022
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What are the implications of China’s growing footprint in digital tech for the EU? Digital Power China, a group of engineers and China scholars has addressed this question in this new report.

The chapters are co-authored by engineers and China experts on semiconductors, 5G and beyond, AI/IoT, information campaigns, standardization and connectivity. All chapters reflect on four sets of challenges – ranging from economic to political, security and values – and provide specific policy recommendations to policymakers in Europe.

Questioning long-held beliefs, this report systematically pairs engineering and China knowledge to facilitate a well-grounded EU policy response.

Table of Contents:

  • About the Digital Power China research consortium
  • Getting China’s digital technology policy right: implications for the EU
  • Europe’s dependence on Chinese semiconductor manufacturing
  • Wireless networks and EU-China relations beyond the “Huawei debate”: Is China a partner, competitor or systemic rival on 5G and 6G?
  • AI and IoT Developments in China and the Relevance for EU Policy – a scoping study
  • Inflaming Transatlantic Tensions? China’s Public Diplomacy Efforts to Influence EU-US Relations
  • Power competition and China’s technical standardisation
  • Projecting digital power internationally: Europe’s digital China challenge
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