CJEU Case C-637/18 | Commission v Hungary (Exceedance of the limit values for PM10)

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Information Guide concerning case C-637/18 from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), which relates to EU Law on air quality and the exceeding of the day limit value for particulate matter PM10.

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The European Commission decided in 2018 to bring an action against Hungary before the CJEU, following an infringement procedure over the failure to fulfil several of its obligations deriving from Directive 2008/50/EC on air quality. In particular, the Commission argues that the country persistently exceeded the daily limit value for particulate matter PM10 over the years in different Hungarian regions.

The CJEU ruled on 3 February 2021 that Hungary infringed the rules of EU law on ambient air quality. It adds that the country failed to fulfil its obligations to ensure throughout its territory that the daily limit value for PM10 was complied with and that the period of exceedance of that value was kept as short as possible.

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CJEU CURIA: Case C-637/18 | Commission v Hungary (Valeurs limites – PM10) http://curia.europa.eu/juris/documents.jsf?num=C-637/18
CJEU: Press Release No 12/21, 03/02/2021: Judgment in Case C-637/18 Commission v Hungary (Exceedance of the limit values for PM10) https://curia.europa.eu/jcms/upload/docs/application/pdf/2021-02/cp210012en.pdf

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