Coalition talks for federal government following 2017 German Federal Election

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Negotiations started on 18 October, after the regional election in Lower Saxony was held. These talks comprised representatives from the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU), the Liberals (FDP) and the Greens. If successful, negotiations would lead to a so-called 'Jamaica Coalition', a first in German politics.

Analysts and commentators considered talks to be difficult, particularly when it came to align the interests of the Liberals and the Greens in key policy areas. By the end of October, common ground had been found on social policy and digital infrastructure, while parties remained far apart on issues of immigration, fiscal and climate policies.

Background information:

Angela Merkel's CDU secured an electoral victory following the Federal Election held on 24 September 2017. However, the party suffered substantial losses and its parliamentary group shrank in the Bundestag. The poll also resulted in the emergence of a parliamentary group for the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD). The centre-left SPD - part of the previous coalition government - soon announced it wished to remain in opposition after knowning the election results. The Liberals made a comeback after a disastrous result in the 2013 Federal Election.

Following the outcome of the Federal election held in Germany on 24 September 2017, some parties started negotiations to attempt a coalition government that could enjoy a parliamentary majority.

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