Coalition talks for government following 2018 Italian General Election

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Following the results of the Italian general election held on 4 March 2018, on the 4th of April the Head of the Italian State, Sergio Mattarella, officially started a first round of consultations with the main political parties emerged from the election.

President Mattarella has the difficult task of forming a government from the stalemate delivered by March's general election. Italy's president will decide who, if anyone, can command enough seats to form and lead a government or whether a new round of consultations is necessary.

On April 5, President Mattarella announced that no solution was found for the political deadlock. The impasse has come about because no group is anywhere near a parliamentary majority in either the lower house Chamber or upper house Senate. For this reason, he will launch a new round of consultation, starting on 12 April.

On April 18, President Mattarella appointed senate speaker Maria Elisabetta Casellati as mediator to find common ground between the centre-right and Five Star Movement in a bid to end parliamentary deadlock after March's inconclusive election. Mattarella gave her an “exploratory mandate” and a Friday (20 April 2018) deadline to report back about the possibility of forming a government.

On April 23, after the failure by Casellati in reaching an agreement between the Five Star Movement and the centre-right coalition, President Mattarella charged Chamber of Deputies speaker Roberto Fico with getting Italy's centre-left party into government with the Five Star Movement.

On May 7, President Mattarella held a final round of consultation to try to break the political issue of forming a government after two months of deadlock.

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