Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2020/1220 on the request for registration of the proposed European citizens’ initiative entitled ‘Right to Cure’

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Decision (EU) 2020/1220 adopted by the European Commission on 21 August 2020 concerning the request for registration of the proposed European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) entitled Right to Cure.

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The organisers of this initiative called on the European Union to "put public health before private profit [and] make anti-pandemic vaccines and treatments a global public good, freely accessible to everyone". The ECI lists the following objectives:

  • Ensure that intellectual property rights (IPRs), including patents, do not hamper the accessibility or availability of any future COVID-19 vaccine or treatment;
  • Ensure that EU legislation on data and market exclusivity does not limit the immediate effectiveness of compulsory licenses issued by Member States;
  • Introduce legal obligations for beneficiaries from EU funds to share COVID-19 health technology related knowledge, intellectual property and/or data in a technology or patent pool;
  • Introduce legal obligations for beneficiaries from EU funds regarding transparency on public consultations, production costs, as well as accessibility and affordability clauses combined with non-exclusive licenses.

A request for registration of this proposed initiative was submitted to the Commission on 4 July 2020. On 21 August 2020, the Commission considered that the ECI was legally admissible and therefore decided to register it. The substance of the ECI had not by then been analysed yet.

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