Commission removes all airlines from Indonesia from EU Air Safety List

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The European Commission cleared on 14 June 2018 all air carriers from Indonesia from the EU Air Safety List.

In addition, the Third Country Operator Authoristion (TCO) system was deployed. This system aims to prevent unsafe aircraft from entering European airspace and to warn the Air Traffic Controllers of all Member States.

Further information:

All airlines certified in Indonesia were cleared from the list as a result of improvements to the aviation safety situation that was verified in the country. Indonesian carriers were put on the EU Air Safety List in 2007 due to unaddressed safety concerns. Over the past years, a small number were removed but most remained.

The EU Air Safety List not only helps to maintain high levels of safety in the EU, but it also helps affected airlines and countries to improve their levels of safety, in order for them to eventually be taken off the list. In addition, the EU Air Safety List has become a major preventive tool, as it motivates countries with safety problems to act upon them before a ban under the EU Air Safety List would become necessary.

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