Commissioner skid-ooed in the frozen north

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Series Details 05/10/95, Volume 1, Number 03
Publication Date 05/10/1995
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Date: 05/10/1995

Commissioners certainly lead colourful lives.

Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler nipped up to the frozen north of Sweden recently and found himself on the back of a skidoo, a type of snow bike, being piloted by the Swedish Agriculture Minister Margareta Winberg.

This was a brave move considering that Winberg is not only a dedicated opponent of the Common Agricultural Policy, but also a demon driver on the ice.

She could have extracted major political concessions by scaring her passenger out of his wits before agreeing to set him down safely.

But Commissioners and their officials are paid to take chances: before long the entire Cabinet delegation was whizzing about on the snow bikes, taking to the sport like a Fischler to water.

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