Artificial intelligence for Europe

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Publication Date 25/04/2018
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Communication published by the European Commission in April 2018 setting out a European approach to making the most out of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence (AI), while addressing the challenges AI brings.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems that display intelligent behaviour by analysing their environment and taking actions – with some degree of autonomy – to achieve specific goals. AI-based systems can be purely software-based, acting in the virtual world (voice assistants, image analysis software, search engines, speech and face recognition systems) or AI can be embedded in hardware devices (advanced robots, autonomous cars, drones or Internet of Things applications).

The strategy put forward by the European Commission on 25 April 2018 proposes a three-pronged approach: increasing public and private investments; preparing for socio-economic changes brought about by AI; and ensuring an appropriate ethical and legal framework.

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EUR-Lex: SWD(2018)137: Liability for emerging digital technologies
European Commission: Press Release, 25/04/2018: Artificial intelligence: Commission outlines a European approach to boost investment and set ethical guidelines

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