Communication: Commission Work Programme 2016 – No time for business as usual

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One year ago, this Commission made a new start. Based on the Political Guidelines, we defined the priorities of the Commission and committed to focus on the big things where citizens expect Europe to make a difference. We decided we would change the way we work, and be open and accountable for our actions. And we invited the European Parliament and the Council to work together with us to deliver this change, because delivering results together on the things that really matter is the only way to regain Europeans' trust that our Union is there to serve them.

Citizens will judge the EU by its ability to deliver on the major challenges facing our societies today. The jobs, growth, and investment gap. Refugees fleeing instability and war to seek safe haven. Climate change and the pressure on natural resources. Inequality, intolerance and a sense of insecurity in some parts of our communities. The reality of global interdependence and our lack of self-confidence in Europe's place in an emerging new world order.

The ten priorities set out in the Agenda for Jobs, Growth, Fairness and Democratic Change – which is both the Juncker Commission's mission statement and the basis on which we were elected – address these challenges. The defining events of the last year – from the slower than expected recovery of our economies and the need to restore stability to the Greek economy, to the migratory pressure on our external borders and the insecurity in our neighbourhood which is fuelling it, to the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo and elsewhere on European soil – have only strengthened our resolve to maintain the focus on these priorities, to do different things and to do things differently.

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