Connectivity for a competitive digital single market – towards a European gigabit society

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Communication - published by the European Commission in September 2016 - alongside a set of legislative initiatives aimed at overhauling the European Union's telecoms rules.

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The Document was published following the understanding that consumers and businesses still faced fragmentation of the electronic communications markets along the national borders, despite the existing regulatory framework. Furthermore, significant changes were taking place within the electronic communications sector since the EU telecoms regulatory framework's last revision in 2009. Patterns of consumption and needs were radically changing.

This Communication - adopted on 14 September 2016 - confirms the importance of Internet connectivity for the Digital Single Market and the need for Europe to deploy now the networks for its digital future. To this end, it sets out a vision for a European Gigabit society, where availability and take-up of very high capacity networks enable the widespread use of products, services and applications in the Digital Single Market. It thus proposes a series of initiatives designed to establish the right conditions for the necessary investments to take place, primarily to be achieved by the market. A set of proposals were published by the Commission alongside the Communication:

The European Parliament adopted on 1 June 2017 an Own-Initiative Report in response to this Communication on a European gigabit society.

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