Communication: Europe on the move: Sustainable mobility for Europe – safe, connected, and clean

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Technological change is touching all parts of society and the economy and transforming the lives of EU citizens. Transport is no exception to this trend. New technologies are radically changing the mobility landscape. They are disrupting conventional transport business models and industries, bringing new opportunities in the form of new mobility services and new players, but also challenges.

The arrival on the market of increasingly automated and connected vehicles is the next frontier in transport and will revolutionise how citizens enjoy mobility in the future. This revolution has already begun and Europe must be prepared. Digital technologies are forcing change, but they can also help us to address many of the challenges facing today’s mobility system.

Provided a robust regulatory framework is in place, automated vehicles and advanced connectivity systems will make vehicles safer, easier to share and more accessible for all citizens, including those who may be cut-off from mobility services today, such as the elderly and disabled. They can help reduce traffic congestion, thus increasing energy efficiency and improving air quality in addition to contributing to the fight against climate change. EU policies must be designed to harness these co-benefits and be properly coordinated.

Europe must be a leader in this transformation of the mobility system and the EU must take action where it can make a real difference. The EU is best placed to ensure that these developments address the needs of the circular economy; that full account is taken of societal benefits such as safety and quality of life; to boost innovation, jobs, and competitiveness; and to maximise the benefits for citizens' mobility on a European scale.

This Communication was published on 17 May 2018 as part of the European Commission's Third Mobility Package.

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