Communication on ‘2019 European Semester: country-specific recommendations’

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The European Commission adopted in June 2019 a Communication relating to a set of guidelines given to Member States on delivering key policy objectives and on the adequate response to their economic social challenges.

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The country-specific recommendations (CSRs) for 2019 feature a stronger focus on identifying and prioritising investment needs at national level and pay special attention to regional and territorial disparities. This is in line with the analysis of investment needs and bottlenecks identified for each Member States in the country reports published earlier in the year.

The content of the recommendations reflects the overall priorities set out in the Annual Growth Survey 2019 and the 2019 Recommendation on the economic policy for the Eurozone. The draw on the analysis of the country reports and the assessment of the national programmes published earlier in the year. The CSRs were published as part of the Spring Package of the 2019 European Semester.

The recommendations were discussed by the European Council on 20 June. Its social and employments aspects were approved by the Council of the European Union on 8 July, and the overall recommendations and opinions were adopted by the Council on 9 July, thus concluding the annual European Semester cycle.

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