Communication on an Action Plan on building a Capital Markets Union

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The Commission's top priority is to strengthen Europe's economy and stimulate investment to create jobs. To strengthen investment for the long term, we need stronger capital markets. These would provide new sources of funding for business, help increase options for savers and make the economy more resilient. That is why President Juncker set out as one of his key priorities, the need to build a true single market for capital – a Capital Markets Union for all 28 Member States.

Capital Markets Union will reinforce the third pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe. It will offer benefits for all 28 Member States, while also buttressing Economic and Monetary Union by supporting economic convergence and helping to absorb economic shocks in the euro area. Put simply, Capital Markets Union will strengthen the link between savings and growth. It will provide more options and better returns for savers and investors. It will offer businesses more choices of funding at different stages of their development.

This Action Plan sets out the building blocks for putting a well-functioning and integrated Capital Markets Union, encompassing all Member States, into place by 2019. This is a long term project but will move quickly. The Commission will assess achievements and re-assess priorities in 2017.

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