Communication on making sustainable products the norm

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Communication published by the European Commission on 30 March 2022, providing an overview of a policy package addressing the sustainability of products in the European Union (EU).

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A number of crises in recent years - environmental, economic, sanitary and geopolitical - led to the exposure of vulnerabilities and dependencies which can lead to challenges in terms of supply, financial strain on householders and shocks for businesses. They highlighted the need to look at how the European Union (EU) can increase the well-being of citizens and ensure sustainable growth through using better the resources and the materials that make up everyday products, as well as improving the products themselves.

This Communication presents a package of interlinked initiatives with the aim at implementing such approach, while building on what has already been done. While the EU already sets minimum environmental requirements for certain products or sectors, the existing rules cover only a limited share of goods marketed in the EU and do not systematically encourage circularity, nor tackle many of the ways in which products impact the climate and the environment throughout their lifecycle. Significant potential was also noted when it comes to lowering the energy use of energy-related products.

The document was published by the European Commission on 30 March 2022 alongside the legislative package. The proposals and communications below were tabled in the framework of the European Green Deal and as deliverable of the Circular Economy Action Plan:

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